Kyegh sha Shwa (KSS): Revolutionalizing Tiv Dignity, Unity of Love and Strength


30 Dec 2018
Kyegh sha Shwa (KSS): Revolutionalizing Tiv Dignity, Unity of Love and Strength

Kyegh sha Shwa (KSS): Revolutionalizing Tiv Dignity, Unity of Love and Strength

There is no right thinking people in the world with a fantastic culture like that of the Tiv of central Nigeria that would allow it to die a shameful and needless death. The Tiv people have suffered unthinkable campaigns of calumny, political negligence and war from their neighbors over years because of cultural independence. A preponderance of impressions about the Tiv character are that they are very courageous farmers, academically successful people and culturally independent people with no or little influence from external colonizers into their affairs.

Unluckily, there has been political gang up by neighbors, arising from internal divisions, poor leadership, youth gangsterism and drugging, combining differently to lower the cultural standards of the Tiv people. The cultural composition and vital components of Tiv culture fell sick long time ago due to multiple attacks.

It is in this period of Tiv cultural quagmire that some young revolutionaries have come to the rescue. Kyegh sha Shwa (KSS) is an explosive brain child of very fertile and courageous minds led by Rev. Fr Solomon Mfa and his team. Mfa happens to be my school mate at Mount Saint Michael's Sec Sch in Aliade. I saw in him a future of a combined spiritual and cultural leader.

As young boy with others growing up in Gboko, my family never gave us permission to attend picnics, parties during festivities as it was common with youth in Gboko. I was not permitted to attend parties and cultural festivals. The atmosphere I grew under was charged by disciplined parents and individuals. In fact, all children who grew under this atmosphere can share my views about life. This is why I don't attend parties, picnics, clubs and festivals. Whenever I attempt to do so, something tells me from inside that I have taken the wrong way. This is the reason since the inception of KSS, I have never been in attendance. I have outgrown such fears but a ceremony must be seen to be well clothed that it will receive my attention. The KSS has proven that beyond doubts.

KSS in my observation has returned the cultural enthusiasm which was characteristic of Tiv attires. I have observed recent years an assembly of elders, youth, women and children in well decorated Tiv attires laughing, sharing, dancing in mountaineous joy. The radiance of Tiv cultural attires define instinctively a people ready for cultural business. They are happier together.

I am atimes afraid of the size of attendees. For a long time now, apart from Tiv Day celebration and the Funeral ceremony of the late Tor Tiv Alfred Torkula, the Tiv have never come together under the Mecca size population to sing unity, love, perseverance and future. I think KSS brought Tiv living in 36 states of Nigeria together, those living in the diaspora, politicians across party divides to profess one love. This is simply iconic

The Tiv cultural foods mandated to be eaten during the ceremony adds gigantic colours to the celebration. Kyegh sha Shwa literally Chicken and Beniseed(soup) served with pounded yam is highest authority of love a Tiv man shares and bequeaths to others like visitors, brothers and friends. The adoption of this meal during the festival is symbolic and perfect. It reminds all of their roots. The msolom (drinks) served in the ceremony are not in manufactured bottles but in calabash. The symbol of calabash brings our ancestors closer to us to be blessed. This is fantastic.

Here in KSS, speeches are made to assure brothers and sisters of the undulating and undividing love as people of Takuluku Anyam Azinga, the father of Tiv nation. We are happy in love to forgive and face the future.

I think the organizer and convener of KSS deserves a honorable place in your hearts as Tiv people, let's be proud and always pray for Rev Fr. Solomon Mfa.

Thanks you

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